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CBC Radio

Working as an intern at this pioneering CBC radio science show was a pivotal experience. Although my time was cut short by a CBC technicians' strike, I was able to finish chase producing for the Question Show, a special edition of the program dedicated to answering listeners' queries with the help of scientific experts.

The Radio Room

This was a University of King's College, School of Journalism produced radio show, mimicking the style of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and aired on CKDU-FM.

You will need RealPlayer to listen to these files.

BLURB: I first encountered Dr. Brown at a lecture he gave on The Scientific Thinking of Sherlock Holmes. The first question you hear me asking in this interview (about Dr. Brown' s library) is actually the last question that was in the version that went to air. (It's also the last question I asked Dr. Brown when I interviewed him.) I reedited the piece after getting some feedback from a post mortem session.

SCRIPT INTR0: We all have our quirky and interesting pastimes. For some it's bird watching, for others it's collecting comic books. For Dr. Richard Brown, it's delving into the exploits of Sherlock Holmes. renée mercuri spoke with the Dalhousie psychology professor about his passion for the pipe-smoking sleuth.

BLURB: I am in love with amateur radio even though I am not (yet) an operator myself. I thoroughly enjoyed recording this soundscape and piecing it together. I think the soundclips I chose really take you somewhere you may not have been. The only thing I would change is to take my voice out when it comes in near the end.

SCRIPT INTRO: A fuzzy voice breaks through the distortion. A scout troop in Halifax is talking to scout's from around the world over amateur radio airwaves. This is part of Jamboree on the Air, an annual event since 1957. renée mercuri tuned in with the Scouts at the headquarters of the Halifax Amateur Radio Club, in the Bloomfield Centre.

BLURB: In the big scheme of things this is trivial story, but I think I have got all the elements of a voicer covered here: focus, a strong and to the point intro that flows, relevant and interesting quotes, background sound and I think my performance isn't half bad.

SCRIPT INTRO: Trick or treating isn't the only thing kids will be doing tonight. There's a party at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church on the corner of Oxford and Jubilee. But it's not to celebrate Hallowe'en. It's to celebrate the eve of All Saints Day. The feast celebrates the lives of Catholic saints.

BLURB: I went out on a limb and covered a story I knew nothing about and could do much background research for. I was ecstatic with the results. Because I wasn't afraid of sticking the microphone wherever I needed to, I got superb background sound. This got me so excited that I kicked it up a couple notches with my performance.

SCRIPT INTRO: Traditional dance classes include pink tutus and point shoes. The North End Dance Co-op is different. It's experimenting with new teaching ideas. The co-op wants to expose the community to different styles of dance. renee mercuri went to a recent class to see people try out African dance with live percussion instruments.

  • Diet Coke Addiction mini-doc, October 29, 2001

    BLURB: This mini-doc needs more work: more background work and better synthesizing of information. But I like this one because it's an original story idea.

    SCRIPT INTRO: For some it's coffee. For other it's cigarettes. For Sonia Koenig, it's Diet Coke. As renée mercuri found out, when it comes to Diet Coke, Sonia drinks it for more than the taste of it.