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renée I.A. mercuri

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:: Projects ::

  • Our Kids Publications
    Click to find out more about the company and its publishing work. Please see my resume for details of my full-time work as Editor and Web master for the four annual magazines we produce.

  • PhotoSensitive
    This slick site outlines this not-for-profit's past and current projects. Please see my resume for my contributions to this collective of photographers seeking to harness the power of the camera to achieve social goals.

  • Greenest City
    I became a board member with this local Toronto environmental group in late fall 2003. Myself and a fellow board member are working on re-vamping the Web site, with me focusing on the content. My resume outlines the details of what else I've been doing for this group.

  • Journal of Young Investigators
    Explore the Web site of this online peer-reviewed science publication and community of undergraduates and recent graduates. Please see my resume for details of my work as Senior Features Editor and advisor with this online organization.

  • Developing ideas for childrens' books
    I count Roald Dahl, Tim Burton and most recently Lemony Snicket as my biggest influences in helping me generate ideas for characters and story lines.

  • Gathering content for a family recipe and history book project
    Learning family recipes from my "nonna" (grandmother) and other relatives is a real treat - especially since I get to eat the results of my efforts. In the coming months, I will begin collaborating with relatvies - one a photographer and the other a graphic designer - to work on making this book come to life.

  • Knitting
    I've just started learning the basics but aspire to be as great as my grandmother. If you are a friend or relative and you are reading this, rest assured, you'll be getting somethng knit by me for Christmas or a birthday.