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Imprint: Science Section

Science section editor for University of Waterloo newspaper from January to April 2000, Waterloo, ON

  • Engineering aid long overdue, March 31, 2000

    It was the simple and out of the way display that George Roter put together that caught my attention at the glossy Technology Exposition of the Canadian Undergraduate Technology conference in March 2000. He was there to promote the organization he co-founded, Engineers without Borders.

    I was happy to scoop this story. Finally, a story about a high-tech trained University of Waterloo grad with a social conscience instead of the typical story of a Waterloo grad who takes the high tech world by storm and makes a few million before age 30.Not a very impartial view, however, certainly a story that speaks to the public interest and not just the shareholder interest.

Imprint: Other Sections
  • Activist's happy to don the teacher's hat, February 11, 2000 (Features section)

    I had a lot of fun conducting this interview and telling this story. I think however I could have been more critical and asked tougher questions in order to get to the why these activists do what they do and why they thought it would be neat to be profs for a week, which is why they were in Waterloo.

    Aside: I dislike the headline on this story. It's funny that it took thousands of dollars paid to journalism school to help me write better headlines. Examples suggested by me and used by colleagues include: "Province fires up it's anti-smoking strategy" and "Words worth wrapping for Christmas."

  • Just say no to drug companies, January 21, 2001 (Forum section)

    Re-reading this piece, I see I had a good idea of what I wanted to say about the burgeoning pharmaceutical market (drug commercials and pharmaceutical company mergers) but my argumentative tone cheapens my argument. As a result, I am still working at refining my writing for op-ed pieces.

  • Clean power, February 25, 2000

    Covered a press conference, reported the news. I like that this story dealt with clean, renewable energy choices.