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Our Kids Publications Ltd., Missisauga, Ont.

June 2002 to present

» Editor of four annual magazines, which includes researching story ideas, creating editorial schedules, working with freelance writers and photographers, and creating content for media packs, e-newsletters and non-editorial magazine content (e.g. disclaimers, fillers etc.)
» Web master for www.ourkids.net, which includes updating and creating much of the site content and working with our Web hosting company to resolve technical issues

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  • Shad Valley Program - an alumna's reflections (PDF)
    Business Woman Canada, January/February 2003
    As a teenager, I participated in a leadership program that had a dramatic impact on my life. To this day, I credit the program for opening my eyes to diversity, the spirit of entrepreneurship and the idea that anything you put your mind to is possible.
    It was a pleasure to be asked to reflect on my experience, 10 years later.

  • Prof says computer bringing people 'back to the loom'
    Transcript - News from Nova Scotia's university community, October 27, 2001
    A feature story done while at journalism school. Who knew computerized Jacquard looms could be so fascinating?

  • Rickshaw drivers love their job, October 26, 2001
    A feature story done while at journalism school. Despite physically intense work and long hours, Andrew Lowery and Andrew McNeil stake their claim as early as 5 a.m. to run rickshaw for tourists arriving on cruise ships. I went to meet them in the early hours to find out why.

  • One eye on the future (PDF)
    University of Waterloo Magazine, Spring 2000
    I was approached to write this feature article about the Canadian Undergraduate Technology Conference after the editor of the University of Waterloo magazine saw my front page story on this Canadian first in Imprint (the University of Waterloo newspaper).

    I tell the story of this event from its conception to final product. I firmly believe that if more journalists take the time, conferences are a gold-mine for story ideas.

Freelance (non-Web enabled)
  • Organic agriculture in Egypt
    1000 Words in Pictures, February 2001
    One of the most challenging stories I've ever put my mind to, getting the background research for this story meant overcoming language barriers, bureaucracy and crazy taxi drivers in Cairo. The final result is no Pullitzer Prize winner but something I can say I am very proud of; I don't think many other people have covered this story about Egypt