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:: Creative ::


  • Lomography
    I acquired my first Lomo Compakt Automat in early 2003 but the original Soviet version I bought stopped working in May 2003. Getting it serviced would have cost me as much as I had paid to purchase it so instead I bought myself a brand new one from the Lomographic Society International. I was quite pleased with the package I got which included an ActionSampler they threw in because my order took so long to process.

I've been having fun experimenting with the camera but since it's the anti-thesis of a digital camera I need to make some time in this busy life to scan some images. In the mean time, check out some of these public albums.

  • Reprint
    I was pleased as punch when I received a request for permission from Miles MacMillan to reprint a photo I had taken of a Raelian symbol that he had found on the Web. The photo appears on the inside of Miles' Alienated CD liner notes.

Personal journalism

Two reflections on my experience as a woman:

  • Belly
    I reflect on a haunting waking experience and the changes I was noticing in my body at age 18.

  • Steel
    A reflection on my experience with cervical dysplasia and the short operation I needed to remove the resulting pre-cancerous lesions.

  • A Night at the Reservoir Lounge